I begin by using a photograph.  For my 'Between the Rows' series it's a photograph taken of an orchard.  I use the Rule of Thirds, allowing me to have a balanced photograph that my viewer can interact with naturally. 



Drawing is the second step in my process.  I use only ink, meaning that each mark is intentional and irreversible.  The direction of my lines create movement in my drawings.  I was so pleased with my ink orchard drawings that an entire Sketchbook Series was born.   



The final and most important step in my process- painting.  I paint with acrylics. Using heavy paper, canvas, or panel of any size, I create for the viewer a unique cross-section of a beautiful California orchard.  A work of fine art that the viewer becomes immersed in.  My goal as an artist is to create a piece that speaks directly to the viewer.   Perhaps an orchard painting that reminds them of a trip down California's Interstate 5, speeding past thousands of acres of green trees.  Maybe a field that they own and are proud to showcase in their home for friends and family to admire.  Or even a painting of a sunny California day to brighten a living room or entryway.